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Our company follows strict controls imposed by health and safety at work regulations.

Our experienced staff examines all the employed material to give our clients a safe and accurate service.

3 Mercedes Sprinter vans


Hooks for ropes in different sizes

Tank and cargo bed

1000 l. inox tank in accordance with law for the refueling of Jet – A1 and cargo bed for the storage of material

2000 kg capacity ropes

Big Bag for the transport of provisions

Steel wire ropes

for the transport of wood

Ropes in different sizes

for the transport of material

Shackles in different sizes

15m-20m ropes

2 aluminium buckets

2 aluminium buckets for the transport of aggregate


Basket for the transport of rucksacks and shovels and basket for the transport of skis and other material


Double/quadruple-hook chains

Electric ropes

with 15-20-35 metres hook

2 Bambi Buckets

for the AIB service (forest firefighting service) with a capacity of 1000 l.

Aerial work

Our services for material transport and aerial work authorized are…