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Prevention by air

DaisyBell is the perfect remote avalanche-release system for protecting spaces where fixed structures cannot be installed. Transported by helicopter to the chosen site, the DaisyBell system lets you precisely pinpoint the start zone.

Technical DaisyBell®

Direct air overpressure

300 mbar to 3.50 m (11.4 ft.)

Shockwave speed

2200 m/s

Operating temperature

-30°C / +40°C (-22°F/104°F)

System weight

390 kg / 859 lbs. (without gas bottles)

Operating range

50 to 60 blasts

Often the topography of the mountain means that permanent remote avalanche-release systems are not an option. DaisyBell lets you control these spaces that can only be accessed by air.

Helicoptered to 5 or 10 meters (16–32 ft.) above the desired avalanche start zone, DaisyBell explodes a hydrogen/oxygen mixture above the snowpack.

The blasts are controlled by radio from the helicopter in complete safety.

DaisyBell eradicates the constraints imposed by legal regulations for storage, transport and use of explosive charges and ensures the utmost safety of all workers.


Prevention by air