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Aerial work

We are a modern company which offers our customers the best service they could ask for.
We own a fleet of helicopters which allows us to offer a range of services.

Our airbases are situated in some areas of Aosta Valley and Piedmont in order to reduce the transfer time.

Aerial work

Our services for material transport and aerial work authorized are the following:

Supply to mountain huts

For many years now we have been supplying mountain huts and alpine pastures over the whole territory of Aosta Valley. The helicopter is fundamental to get to those remote locations that land transports can’t reach. Thanks to our long-standing experience we can make sure our clients are given complete support.

Roof framework

Our experienced pilots accurately position girders and other materials necessary to build the roof framework.

Positioning of aerial marker balls for power lines

Timber transport during site clearing

Transport of timber and precious wood is one of the services which are carefully checked by our highly qualified staff.

Flights for skydivers

Skydiving is an extraordinary and unique experience. Contact us to make a dream come true!

Concrete casting

We work with building enterprises when they need the helicopter to transport concrete and other materials to be employed in structural works. We have two buckets which can trasport up to 420 litres.

AIB Service (forest firefighting service)

Our BAMBI BUCKETS can transport up to 1000 litres of water for the AIB Service.

Building of overhead line towers, cableways and rockfall barriers

We plan any kind of transport of material with the utmost seriousness and expertise.
We transport and assemble pylons in order to build cable transports, electric lines, to string high voltage cables, transmission towers, aerials, rockfall barriers, protections against avalanches, aqueducts and other works that can only be carried out using an helicopter.

Aerial advertising

We can provide aerial advertising on our helicopters.

Films/tv program shooting and photogrammetry

Our staff worked at the shooting of “The Avengers” and “Point Break” as well as at the filming of documentaries broadcast on Sky and BBC, for National Geographic and Wild (italian tv program). We also worked at well-known sporting events such as Giro d’Italia, Mezzalama Trophy and Tor des Géants. We are provided with some specific tools that (Cineflex, Wescam, Shotover) allow us to have very high resolution shooting.

Artificial avalanche release with the use of DaisyBell

We carry out the artificial avalanche release in two ways:

  • releasing explosive charges (SOP 13 authorized by ENAC);
  • with the use of the DaisyBell system.

We own 3 DaisyBell systems.


Pellissier Helicopter follows strict and careful controls imposed by the regulations of safety at work.